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Who am I?

I am a long-biased retail swing trader focused on trend-following and momentum-based strategies. My trading style is heavily influenced by Kristjan Kullamägi and Pradeep Bonde.


For more information on me, see the "About" page.

What is this website for?

I created this platform with a clear vision in mind—to document and review my trading experiences while promoting transparency, share valuable educational resources, analyze trading themes and ideas, encourage competition in myself, and dissolve the myth surrounding retail traders.

For a more thorough answer, see "Here". 

What strategies do I use? 

I am primarily trading momentum breakouts. My focus is on identifying stocks that exhibit brief bouts of consolidation before breaking out with high volatility. I am aiming to generate returns of 20-50%  within a timeframe of 5 days to 1 month. To do this, I sacrifice my Win to Loss Ratio (below 40%) but aim for an average win of 5-10x my Risk to Reward. 

My goal as a "retail trader":

  • Generate a CAGR of 50 - 100%


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