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I graduated from business school in 2019 in finance and economics. I took a job as a financial advisor for a short period. I transitioned into financial consulting shortly after. After working for a few years, I realized like many other doe-eyed new grads, the interesting theoretical financial knowledge you learn from school is only seen by a select few with near-perfect GPAs and students who took advantage of connections/networking. For myself, my university experience was one of just getting by and slacking off. However, I thought the easiest way to relearn the basics and expand my current knowledge in finance was to pursue the elusive CFA exams. After luckily passing L2 and working for a few years in consulting, I realized that most of the career paths I aspire to enter did not line up with what I wanted. 


Investing or trading as a career, was always in the back of my mind. For myself, it took a long time to get the courage to start this path. I started retail trading with my own capital in July 2022. After a brief hiatus from when I initially started and the realization that trading is the career path I need to pursue, I have developed this website to document my progress as a "retail trader" and archive what I learn!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I Profitable? 

Not yet. 

What is my account size?

I started with USD $4,983.24. When I become profitable in time, I will deposit significantly more capital. 

Do I trade other financial instruments, other than equities?

Currently, no. 

Where are you located? 

Ontario, Canada

What software do you use?

Broker - Interactive Brokers

Charting - TradingView

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