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#1) Purpose of this Website

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

I created this platform with a clear vision in mind—to document and review my trading experiences while promoting transparency, share valuable educational resources, analyze trading themes and ideas, encourage competition in myself, and dissolve the myth surrounding retail traders.

1. Document and review my trading over time

For anyone who has consumed competitive multiplayer video game content, you might be aware of the "Road to {insert highest rank in game}" video series. These videos chronicle the journey of individuals as they strive to ascend the ranks and enhance their skills over time in a particular game. Inspired by the essence of this content, I aim to bring a similar experience to the realm of retail trading, promoting in-depth analysis, meticulous documentation, comprehensive reviews, and constructive critique.

Transparency is a fundamental aspect of this website. I aim to address the frustration of encountering finance influencers and gurus who spout random garbage without any substantiated proof of profitability all while selling courses and the dream of being “financially free”. By documenting and reviewing my trades, I aspire to demonstrate genuine profitability and provide evidence of my trading success. By doing so, I seek to distinguish myself from those who merely sell courses without the track record to support their claims. And even if I never reach profitability, at least this site will be a stepping stone for aspiring traders who learn from my mistakes.

2. Learning from mistakes (so you don't have to):

Retail trading can often feel like a solitary adventure, and discouragement can creep in when things don't go as planned. This website serves not only as an outlet for my sanity but also as a resource for others who may face similar challenges. By openly discussing my mistakes and the lessons learned, I hope to alleviate some of the frustrations associated with trading and inspire resilience among fellow traders.

3. Highlight useful educational resources I come across

Throughout my years on the internet consuming pretty much useless content, I have come across some exceptional educational resources related to finance and trading. This platform will allow me to share the resources that I come across. Whether it's content on momentum strategies, trend following, or any other finance-related topics, I strive to curate a selection of useful resources to assist traders in their learning.

4. Analyze trading themes and ideas

A key aspect of retail trading is constantly expanding one’s knowledge. With this website as my platform, I have a dedicated space to record and explore new trading ideas and themes. By engaging in thorough analyses and discussions, I aim to enhance my understanding of the market and contribute to the collective learning of the trading community.

5. Competition: playing the real game

Having observed the finance and investment industry, I hold a firm belief that the real game lies in achieving superior returns compared to other market participants. The fancy degrees, schools, and accolades mean little if one does not actively participate and perform. Similar to the high school jock spouting that “he could have made it to the NFL”, words without actions or a PNL to back up claims mean nothing in the realm of markets.

By embracing healthy competition and a little bit of ego, I aim to demonstrate that retail traders can compete and succeed in the market alongside established institutional players. This site aims to provide a genuine account of my performance and encourage healthy competition among traders and myself.

6. Demystifying retail traders

When the term "retail trader" is mentioned, it often elicits two distinct reactions. On one side, you think of those who proclaim the potential for triple-digit returns, emphasizing the opportunities and success stories. On the other side, skeptics dismiss it as a scam, regarding such claims as too good to be true. This disparity of opinions has created an aura of mystery around retail trading, leaving many uncertain about its legitimacy.

It's not uncommon to stumble upon traders boasting about 50-100% returns on platforms like Youtube, Twitter, and Reddit. To most people, this sounds like a fantastical tale, something only a lucky few could experience. These claims of miraculous returns create a myth surrounding retail trading, leading many to question their legitimacy. However, it's important to recognize that while such returns may seem improbable, they are not entirely mythical. There are individuals who have genuinely achieved remarkable results.

A big hurdle for aspiring traders (as well as myself) is the notion that 95% of traders lose money. This statistic often leads to not even trying. However, it's crucial to remember that success is not solely determined by the majority. By highlighting the achievements of exceptional traders (ie. US Investing Championship participants), I hope to challenge the notion that extraordinary returns are unattainable for retail traders.

By sharing my journey, struggles, and achievements, I hope to inspire and educate others.

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