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2022 Year Performance - Blast from the Past


A year ago, I actively started to swing trade. To be honest, I didn't know much and I took pretty silly trades. On July 2022, I used $6,500 CAD as my initial capital which was converted to ~$4,852 USD. I got sidetracked on other projects and stopped after the first 2.5 months.

Performance from my first trade to the end of 2022.
Cumulative Performance:

2022 % Return = -6.19%

Time Period Performance:

July = -2.25%

August = -1.63%

September = -1.41%

*for the remaining months, market data fees were charged to my account

Metrics from my own tracker:

General Market Conditions During the 2.5 Months:

After stopping in mid-September 2022, my balance was $4,663.30. After this point no trade was made until June of this year (June 2023 Performance Review will be out shortly).

I think this is really all the information or metrics that is needed as my start was not the best.

*Monthly reporting going forward will include further metrics!


Things I Did Right:

  • I was able to use progressive exposure and reduce my risk per trade as I knew I didn't have the experience and conviction to trade larger which helped to keep losses and drawdowns to a minimum.

Things I Did Wrong:

  • In July, I was taking trades that did not match my setup. During July market conditions were good. This means I was not finding the right stocks to enter!

  • I should not have traded as much as I did in August as the overall market conditions for that month were subpar.

  • I was getting stopped on my entries very quickly. I should have taken a step back to analyze why I am entering this stock and if it really is in accordance with the setup

  • Not having proper conviction and understanding of the setup


  • Progressive exposure in choppy markets is critical

  • Take breaks to review when needed

  • Always continue to learn from mistakes

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