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July 2023 - Goals

Retail trading is not a 9-5 job. There is a clear benefit to this. I have the freedom to set my own schedule. I have control over every trading decision I make, every piece of content I produce, and the type of knowledge I obtain. The challenge of analyzing data, making predictions, and executing trades are exactly what makes being a "trader" exciting. On the other hand, there isn't a person telling you a deadline you need to uphold or a support system for when you aren't following trading rules.

And this is why I will have a monthly "Goals" post. I'm using this as an agenda for myself and a tracker of what I want to be doing for the current month ahead. By setting clear goals and devising well-structured plans, it gives me accountability for what needs to be done in order to improve and make significant progress.

Key Areas to Focus on:

  • Trading Momentum Breakouts

Continue to identify, plan, and execute breakout setups (breakouts are the only strategy I am currently focusing on. My "June Performance Review" will be out shortly - waiting until the stocks held in June are closed before posting.

  • Content Generation

There are a lot of ideas in the pipeline. A handful of blog series content I want to get started on, including further breakout research, economy analysis, and more.

For now, my list of expected content for the month of July is below:

  • Expand my Strategy: Momentum Breakout Content

    • How to find / screen for the setups

    • Anatomy of a breakout

    • Trend Analysis

    • What gives an edge in retail trading

  • General Market / Economy Analysis Series:

    • Introduction

    • Understanding interest rate probabilities

    • Yield curve inversion understanding

  • Trading Log, Explained Series (this series will focus on some of the metrics I track and use to analyze past trades)

  • Consolidating Knowledge

Back before I took retail trading seriously, I watched all of Kristjan Kullamägi's streams, highlights, and clips and consumed all of his content. This month I plan to re-watch all of his previous content and extract and consolidate information. This will then be used to implement and flush out further content.

  • Start to develop the "Resources" tab

I want a place where retail traders to go to see all of the resources that I use as well as important tools that others use. If I have not thoroughly reviewed and analyzed the specific resource, tool, or content, it will not be posted on this tab until I have done so.

For all who trade, good luck and focus up!






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